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Wieliczka : The salt mine

Wieliczka lies just 14 km out of Krakow. In 1978 the salt mine in Wieliczka was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and in 1994 it was declared a National Historic Monument.

The mine is a subterranean labyrinth totaling some 300 km. The main route open to visitors runs through 20 chambers and along about two kilometers of tunnels on three levels between 64 and 135 meters underground. The biggest highlight is the Chapel of St. Kinga with its fabulous salt chandeliers and sculptures. The legend attributes the discovery of the Wieliczka deposit to St. Kinga, daughter of Bela IV, king of Hungary.

The salt mine in Wieliczka is almost a subterranean town. At a level of minus 125 meters you can have a meal at a restaurant, send a postcard at a post-office or buy souvenirs at a number of shops.

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